130NC NC Semi-Automatic Tube Bender

  • Bending pipe by hydraulic, feeding pipe by hand, rotating pipe by hand (electric as optional), clamping pipe by hydraulic, mandrel shift by hydraulic. High bending accuracy up to +/-0.1°. The head of machine is casting.
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    NC Semi automatic

    B Hydraulic auxiliary driving

    Max bending Φ130X8 mm
    Mandrel length 4230 mm
    Bending speed 12 °/s
    Bending precision ±0.1°
    Max bending degree 185°

    Working light
    Water cooling
    Pipe material: mild steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum ...
    Round / square / rectangle / profile ... pipes and bars
    CE, ISO90001, EAC, UL marked


    MP Auto rotating pipe
    L Left direction bending
    P Punching
    C Cutting

    Safty cover
    Stopper (length measurement)
    Fan / Water / Oil cooling system
    Bend 1.0XD radius, or more tight radius
    Tie rod bars (support arm)

    Standard tool: 45# steel
    Optional tool: Cr12 material
    Stainless steel pipe: mandrel & wiper- Aluminum copper alloy steel
    Aluminum pipe: bend die, clamp die and pressure die - nylon material
    Standard: Sealing ring, sensors, spanner, operation manual

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