Pipe Bending Machine 50CNC

  • It is left and right two direction pipe bending machine. With 5 servo axis. Touch screen with English or any other language, Industry PC controller.
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    CNC Fully automatic

    SR Single radius
    H Hydraulic bending

    Max bending Φ50.8X3 mm
    Mandrel length 3000 mm
    Bending speed 30-100 °/s
    Feeding speed 25-900 mm/s
    Rotating speed 30-200 °/s
    Bending precision ±0.1°
    Feeding precision ±0.1 mm
    Rotating precision ±0.1°
    Max bending degree 190°

    Working light
    Input data of Y, B, C or X, Y, Z
    Automatic lubrication system
    Pipe material: mild steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum ...
    Round / square / rectangle / profile ... pipes and bars
    CE, ISO90001, UL, EAC marked


    DR Double radius
    TR Triple radius
    QR Quadruple radius
    MR Multi radius
    LR Left and right direction bending
    R Rolling / Pushing
    P Punching
    C Cutting

    Safty cover
    Bend 1.0XD radius, or more tight radius
    Auto mandrel lubrication system
    Fan / Water / Oil cooling system
    Robot loading and unloading
    Windows XP controller
    Industry PC (3D tube showing, function of mirror image and reverted image)
    3D bending simulation, can read CAD files
    Safe blanket / Infrared alarm device


    Standard tool: 45# steel
    Optional tool: Cr12 material
    Stainless steel pipe: mandrel & wiper- Aluminum copper alloy steel
    Aluminum pipe: bend die, clamp die and pressure die - nylon material
    Standard: Sealing ring, sensors, spanner, operation manual

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