180 Hydraulic Pipe End Forming Machine

  • Semi-auto hydraulic type, hydraulic clamp, auto head moving through guideline, which increase accuracy and cutting force. Cutting head is movable for angle cut. Smooth cut face without burr, automatic circulating cooler system.
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    Max. Φ350 mm saw blade

    Max cutting Round tube:Φ130 mm
    Square tube:130×130 mm
    Rectangle tube:150×100 mm
    Cut angle 0° - 90°
    Max Vice open distance 140 mm
    Applied saw blade HHS Φ250 mm - Φ350 mm, Standard Φ350 mm

    Main motor power 2.4 / 3.0 kw
    Cooler pump power 90 W
    Machine size 1320×1410×1930 mm
    Machine Weight 610 kg

    Pipe material: mild steel, stainless steel ...
    Round / square / rectangle / profile ... pipes and bars
    CE, ISO90001, EAC, UL marked


    Complete safety cover

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