Perfectly Synchronized Automation

Source:Jiangsu Telhoo Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Release time:2023-12-27 09:51:20 Author:354

AMN, a fabricator of automotive parts, is making consistent investments in automation, aiming at higher production rates, reduced lead times, better product quality, and improved safety.
TLM helped the factory achieve advanced bending processes, reaching shorter cycle times through automation. With a customized tube bending and end forming automation cell, AMN can now put into production multiple types of headrests reaching higher accuracy, productivity, and cosmetic quality with short setup times and adjustments.

The Tube Bending and End Forming Cell
AMN uses TLM 's Tube Bender U Series, which allows for Left + Right bending in the same process. The bending machine is provided with Draw, Roll, and Booster Bending, Multi-stacks, and Multi-Radius. Equipped with 8 Electric Servo Controlled Axes and TLM DGT (Direct Gear Transmission) technology, the tube bender ensures bending precision and accuracy on multiple bend parts throughout the production.

Productivity is Key
The cell integrates TLM Automatic Loader with Seam Detection, a Handling 6 Axis Robot, an end forming machine, a CNC tube bender model SB-22x8A-MR-V-U, all monitored through a centralized controller.
TLM ’s engineers worked meticulously to enhance and synchronize every motion while ensuring smooth operations. Especially suitable for mass production, this All Electric, Multi Axis solution facilitates the difficult transitions between bends while optimizing every axis speed. The cycle time is drastically reduced by more than 30% compared to previous processes.
The automation cell offers flexibility to produce headrests in different shapes. The operator can easily make new parts and simulate the bending process using TLM ’s i2 Controls. The central control station can monitor the system from outside the safety area using an IPC equipped with TLM ’s Control Software.

Automation Solutions for Every Tubular Part
TLM All Electric, Left & Right Tube Benders are suitable for many industries. Besides car seating, the U series models are widely used to make exhaust pipes, brake lines, HVAC systems, furniture, healthcare, and fitness equipment. For further automation, TLM tube benders can be integrated into MES systems as well as other TLM machines – like sawing, laser cutting, and end forming – to create even higher automated production lines. Coupled with TLM Advanced Production Reports and IRMS (Internet Remote Monitoring System), it allows full control of your production from anywhere, anytime.